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inflatable bean bag Blow up without air pump Hangingout sofa Pouch couch

Tent details:

Fabric : 600D Oxford or Customization.
Color: white
Size: 300*300*200 CM
Carton: 55*33*33 CM
Weight: 7 KG /NW, 9 KG/GW

MOQ: 1 Piece
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Portable Inflatable Waterproof Blow Up Couch Air sleeping bag lazy sofa for Camping &Hiking


ULTRALIGHT & COMPACT : when the lay bag is not in use, don't worry the space of a travel bag will be occupied. And it can be inflated up to 200x100x70cm. loading weight up to 300KG.
YOU CAN TAKE IT EVERYWHERE. It's super versatile and built to last. You can take the air sofa couch to the beach, pool, river, boat, or even your backyard. Indoors or outdoors, the lazy bag will enhance almost any awesome place that you might find yourself.
FAST AND EASY TO INFLATE : No need for any tools, and more simple is only one chamber with single-layer-design. Without the complexity of hammock lounger with two chamber. Just swing the bag after you run a few steps against wind to scoop air into it, under 1 minute you’ll get the lounger instantly and quickly get a good rest.
WATERPROOF AND FLOWER DESIGN: Unique Beautiful Flower Shaped make you relax like a baby lying on it. The blow up couch makes you feel like you're resting on a cloud made of cotton candy and rainbows. Say good-bye to cumbersome camping gear or bean bag.


Lazy sofa (56)

How to use it
--1: Take your air sofa out of its carry bag, unfold and roll it out before you start inflating. The chamber of air lounger need to be filled with air. Open the mouth of chamber.
--2: Hold mouth of chamber wide open while walking or running in a straight line into the wind. Quickly shut the mouth of the chamber trapping the air.
--3: Repeat 1 and 2 until air chamber is about 80% filled. Then, roll the ends of the bag closed until the air is compressed tight. The tighter the air is compressed, the better the lounger will hold the air.
--4: Bend the corner ends of the mouth until the clips come together. Buckle the clips and enjoy your new hammock bed!
--5: If at home, to avoid being tripped over, just turn on a fan or air-blower, let the wind injecting into the beach bed, cinch quickly after inflating.


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