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Everyday a lot of shop malls and companies host activities to promote sale or celebrate...
Backpacking Tents are the home-from-home of outdoor enthusiasts on multi-day hikes and treks.
This Cuckoo new model tents,easy to set up thanks to its robust inflatable tubes...
Family holidays are all about great memories - whether you’re heading to a local Park or campsite....
Fishing is a quite long period to to get fishes to bite.
Inflatable goal or Air goals are a new recent innovation used in sports. 
Everyday lots of family,friends and companies host activities, need some big tents for special use?
Durable Oxford fabric with UV 5000 for sun protection,sand pegs or water bag for pitching in loose ground...

Advanteges of Cuckoo Products


TPU air poles as frame poles, instead of traditional poles which save room, lightweight ,and convenient to carry.

Time Saving

Integrated all-in-one inflatable poles,Do not need to pump every pole. Quick, simple,time saving.


PU Inflatable poles are recyclable,environmental protection,start from us .

News and Events

Learn about the latest information about inflatable tent and Cuckoo events.
How to inflat a camping tent
Shanghai Cuckoo Outdoor Products Co., Ltd, Specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling professional inflatable series products.  Our main products are inflatable camping tents,family tents,show tents,inflatable goal,other outdoor products etc.
  • Dec
    [Industry News] Cuckoo Brand Inflatable X tent

    Inflatable X tentX tent is smart in configuration. Canopy, legs, 4 walls, awnings, connecting cloth, different combinations make differnt outlook, its versatility attracted many clients to have them on kinds of events like jewelry shows car shows, parties and even for personal entertainment.Combinat

  • Jul
    [Industry News] Usage of Inflatable tent

    suitable used in field construction work, training camp, temporary clubs, sports, entertainment and forces command post, field hospitals, disaster relief, camping and leisure, tourism, mobile catering, weddings, funerals, dining tent etc.

  • Feb
    [Industry News] What is Inflatable tent ?

    Inflatable tents belong to the tents of a structural mechanics using the principle of design framework, the use of gas pressure characteristics of the balloon expansion to form a certain rigid cylinder, through the organic combination of the skeleton of the tent.

  • Jul
    [Industry News] Technology of Inflatable tent

    Adhesive bonding and high-frequency heat combined with the process of production, gas column with PVC double-sided coated cloth, tarpaulin waterproof, anti-ultraviolet materials, with fast forming, high strength,fire-proofing,

  • Nov
    [News] Attention when use the Inflatable tent

    Attention 1.when install the inflatable tent in the mud or sand , need to layer tarpaulin on the surface of the tile, prevent dirty of inflatable tents, affect beautiful, and service life. 2, if you need kitchen inside of the tent , be sure to make the flame away from the tent or use fire prevention

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