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The Best Inflatable Tent For Camping In 2019

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A new air pole technology or inflatable pole technology has drastically improved the efficiency of 

the rapid pitch tent, with the development of the inflatable tent. Here is our summary of everything 

you need to know about inflatable tents, with a collection of the best ones on the market at the moment. 

We also explore why airtents and inflatable tents for camping are proving to be so popular, 

and especially are considered to be the best tents for families.


Yes we love camping, but we also love to put our feet up, relax and enjoy our holiday outdoors. 

Unfortunately the very nature of camping means this doesn’t always happen as soon as we arrive 

at the campsite. We have to set up our shelter at the first, and anything that makes this easier and 

reduces the number of family arguments gets a big thumbs up from us.

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I was intrigued by the pop-hiss-pop-hiss-pop-hiss noises coming from a camping neighbour on a recent 

trip to the campsite and I moved in to investigate. The owner claimed it was the best family tent he had ever 

owned. While I was getting the low down on the inflatable tent designs I realised I was surrounded by them. 

It seems turbo tents are proving to be very popular indeed.

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The inflatable tent uses air rise technology to pitch the tent. Basically this means you hook the tent inlet valve 

to a pump, switch it on, and within minutes the inflatable poles have done all the work for you and pitched the tent, 

without a metal pole in sight. It is very rapid and straight forward leaving you to get on with your well deserved holiday, 

which is why it is one of the best tents for family camping available today.

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