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CUCKOO sells a variety of caravan awnings, as well as a variety of awning accessories to choose from.

Caravan awning
By introducing the caravan awning, you can provide valuable extra living space for your caravan. There are many varieties to choose from, it is an essential camping accessory

Camper awning
Simply attach the awning to your camper and through the integrated opening, you can easily move between the two

RV Awning
The awning is designed to provide you with additional living, storage or sleeping space when traveling in a motorhome

Easily install the lightweight awning on your caravan and enjoy the extra sheltered space to relax or shelter

Inflatable caravan awning
Use a lightweight multifunctional air awning suitable for any caravan design to eliminate timely pitching

Volkswagen camper awning
The awning is compatible with various Volkswagen models

Expandable awning
Awning that attaches to the side of a caravan or motorhome and unfolds when needed

Awnings are essential camping accessories. They allow you to extend your mobile home to a complete outdoor living area. The main types of awnings available on the market are caravan awnings and motorhome awnings.

The main categories of caravan awnings are complete, covering the entire side of the mobile home, smaller porch awnings and push-out awnings attached to the top of the caravan. In recent years, compared with traditional pole-frame awnings, inflatable awnings for caravans and inflatable traveling awnings for RVs and campers have become more easily pitched, lighter, and space-saving. getting more popular.


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