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Best Inflatable Tents For Camping – Air Beam Tents

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Best Inflatable Tents For Camping –Air Beam Tents

Here you have the list of best inflatable tents for camping available on the market, all easy setup tools with air beams instead of classic poles. 

This technology has been around for a number of years already but it is becoming very popular recently. Such air inflatable tents are a bit heavy though they usually pack well, so these are camping tents for places with a motorized access.


The most important feature is that these are all air beam tents of course.

The site is about family camping tents, therefore all the tents here in the list are for 5 people and more.

One tent is with an extra metal pole, combined with the air beams.

Some of the tents are 2-room structures, some are with 3 and 4 rooms, and believe it or not, you will find some great examples of 5-room tents.

Several of the tents here are so-called dark rest tents or “lights out” tents. This means that the sleeping area is darker and with reduced glare, so you can sleep longer in the morning and also take a nap during the day.

The tents from the dark-room type group are a hybrid single layer and double layer. This implies the following: the living zone is a single-layer area while the sleeping areas are double-layer. This is good because of the condensation issues which are normally more important during the night when you sleep.

Some of the tents are single-layer type.

You will see also canvas tents here.

Most of the tents here are designed as 3-season tents. So you definitely have full protection from the rain, their waterproof rating is usually very high.

These tents are more suitable for a cooler environment. This is because of their design where you do not have mesh on the ceiling so typical for summer camping tents. It is important to know this to avoid any unpleasant experience.



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