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How to set up our inflatable Tent

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Usage of Inflatable tent 


Build and disassembly are simple and quick, you can install or remove the inflatable tent in a very short period time, to save your precious time.

Better heat preservation, inflatable tent is made of high quality PVC tarpaulin, tear resistance, better tensile strength, better aging resistance, 

long service life.Under and eight grade wind load safety use, the service life of more than 5 years in a row.



Shanghai Cuckoo Inflatable tent can suitable used in field construction work, training camp, 

temporary clubs, sports, entertainment and forces command post, field hospitals, disaster relief, 

camping and leisure, tourism, mobile catering, weddings, funerals, dining tent etc.

Inflatable tent

also known as air tent is getting rapid popularity for camping. The inflatable pole technology or air pole techology has made the rapid pitch tent more effecient than ever. It becomes easier to pitch the tent with the inclusion of such technology. You just need a pump and hook your inflatable tent tent inlet valve to it, then turn turn the switch on, and you are done within minutes. No metal poles there, as Inflatable poles are enough to take care of setting up your tent.And now we come up a integrated inflatable tent , which is our patent product , We are signing agent from different country ,If you like our product , Pls free feel to contact us .

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Shanghai Cuckoo Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd specializes in all kinds of integrated inflatable tent, 

Applied to Fishing Car Military Traveling Family Hiking Sunshade Exhibition Truck Mosquito tent, 

and also Sleeping bag, Football goal, Etc 

With long time experience in foreign trade, we have formed strong business relationship with producers an customer, 

main of our products are exported to Europe, USA AND Middle East, Due to the strict quality control, Competitive prices 

and fast delivery, we can secured supply agreements with buyers, if you are interested in any of our products, or have a customized 

requirement to fill. we can also produce lines in accordance with client’s samples or requirements, We hope to have the opportunity 

of cooperating with customer from all over the world, Kindly contact with us, your attention would be highly valued!


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