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What is Inflatable tent ?

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What is Inflatable tent ?

Inflatable tents belong to the tents of a structural mechanics using the principle of design framework, the use of gas pressure characteristics of the balloon expansion to form a certain rigid cylinder, through the organic combination of the skeleton of the tent. With the strength of the skeleton material used,the use of polymer coating performance advantages and disadvantages, determines the shelf life of the frame and the maintenance of the rigid frame, and the air chamber set the rationality, decided the framework’s hold up limit. Mainly used for Moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-wind, dustproof, sun protection, disaster relief, field short training, outdoor short combat.


Fabric material: Oxford cloth/PVC coated cloth

Pillow Material: PVC coated polyester interlaced cloth

Adaptation temperature: -40 ° - + 65 °

Frame anti-wind: 6-8 level

Hydrostatic pressure: hydrostatic pressure ≥ 16kpa

Anti - surface water: 160-200mm

Inflatable time:1-10min (with the size of the tent changes)

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